Guru Nanak Prem Karamsar Public School started its school in the year 1975 and since then the school has been imparting quality education, aiming at the ove rall development of each child.

What makes G.N.P.K.S different

  • For a child G.N.P.K.S is a second home.
  • Only school which has a daily planned sctivity schedule.
  • Focused approach is adopted to identify the dominant strengths & weakness of every individual child.
  • Considering the strengths and weaknesses of every individual child,his curriculum is customized.
  • At G.N.P.K.S we strongly believe that every child is "BORN TO WIN" the important thing is how to make best use of his strengths and make this happen.
  • Only school which has a daily planned activity schedule.
  • Only school in which beside the conventional report cards you get a monthly report showing that what the child has gained on different aspects.
  • Imparting best values to every child is a challenge for us to prove our expertise.
  • The concept of our pre- school is based on a firm philosophy that "Every child is unique as an individual" and with patience, persistence and determination, we aim to bring about the best in each child.
  • Keeping this philosophy in mind, we try to create an environment in school that will challenge the most confident child and reassure a hesitant child who is hovering on the threshold of learning with freedom to make mistakes.
  • The pre - school curriculum focuses on learning through practical and project methods. This method invokes curiosity, develops interest, has an element of novelty and gives freedom to explore and experiment. It motivates the child to learn and thus in turn leads to attentiveness.
  • This method slowly develops in the child the process of logical thinking and applying knowledge.
  • We also supplement, activity based learning at various stages by audio-visual aids, field trips and lively demonstrations.
  • In accordance with what one of the great writer has said, "The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra" and that is what we are trying to do at the kindergarten school.
  • G.N.P.K.S is a home away from home.
  • Our environment is designed with the goal of facilitating the developmental & emotional growth of children starting from 2 years of age. We aim to nurture the child so that they grow to become independent, with a desire to explore the world and understand it to the best of their ability. The adult to child ratio is the best compared to any school in and around Kapurthala.